Agricultural Pump Sets

8 Pump8″ Mixed Flow

 Pump Set

L H Iseki 22 Hp  belt   drive coupled to a new

8″ Mixed Flow Pump  – 150l/s 10m head. 

PRICE: $6,800 + gst

10 Pump 10″ Mixed Flow

Pump Set

 LH 40 hp Diesel PPack belt drive coupled to a 10″ Mixed Flow Pump – 200l/s – 7m head

 PRICE: $7315 + gst

Irrigation Pumps80×50-315



Unit fitted with trailer, 150 l fuel tank base, oil/temp

watchdog, shutdowbn timer. Southern Cross pump

with LH iseki Diesel PPack

PRICE: $11,890 + gst

bauer pump 1 Bauer Effuent Chopper Pumps

 20l/s – 80l/s – Up to 150psi -PTO, Electric &

Diesel Powered Units – Suitable for transfer or

Irrigator use.


Helical Rotor Pump – Diesel & Electric

This is a dA Veldonas Helical Rotor Pump Smallescription of the image.

  1l/s – 8l/ s, 60m head to 180 m head. Various


 PRICE: From $6,500 + gst

BPZ PUMP  BPZ Self Priming Pumps

  7l/s – 25l/s – Up to 45m head.

Cast Iron Construction HDuty

PRICE:  From $650 + gst

3AE1 and 125x100- 200 SC 80×50-250 Pump Set

 LH Iseki  Diesel 30hp direct coupled

  to new SC 80×50-250 SC Pump with

 wdog & key start.

 PRICE: $6750 + gst

4-41 with 125x100-315 SC 125×100-315 Pump Set

 New Perkins 1104T Ppack with

SC 125×100-315 Pump. Key start

 65l/s 110m head Variable

 PRICE: $17,890 + gst

AAAA Veldonas 100x65-315 Pump Set SC 100×65-315 Diesel

 Pressure Pump Set

 New Sc 100×65 – 315 Direct coupled to LH

 Nissan QD32 PPack with fuel tank, roof,

 shutdown timer, oil/temp wdog.

 PRICE: $14750 + gst

Copy (2) of I Phone Photos 067 Trailer 6″ Self Priming

 Diesel Transfer Pump

 New FSR150 Pump direct   coupled

  to LH Iseki 30hp  Diesel PPack

  with fuel tank. With Vin No.

PRICE: $13,400 + gst

Copy (3) of Starline   Single & 3Phase

   Electric Pump Sets

    Various Sizes


0Copy (2) of Rovatti effluent pumpH

Rovatti Effluent Pumps

- PTO, Electric and Diesel.

Heavy duty chopper pumps.



Piston Pump XF404 photoH

Piston Pump set-

 1l/s – 60m head

XF404 Piston Pump with 8hp air

cooled diesel  engine – belt driven – key star..

PRICE: $3495 +gst

Copy (3) of Grundfos pump 2Varied Electric pump units including turbine pumps.


bauer pump 2Range of pumps control equipment & tankers.


3ae1 and 125x100-200SH Iseki 26hp Diesel Power

Pack & new 125×100-200 Iso Pump.

PRICE: $7300 + gst

403C-15 with 80x50-315New Perkins 23hp Diesel Power with 80×50-250 Iso Pump

PRICE: $12995 + gst

404c22 and 100x65-315 1New Perkins 40 hp Diesel Power Pack direct coupled with 100×65-315 Iso Pump with trailer & 150 l fuel tank.

PRICE: $16990 + gst

1104 4T with 125x100-315 New Perkins 65hp Diesel Power Pack direct coupled with 125×100-315 Iso Pump.

PRICE: $21,895 + gst

4 inch self priming pump small NS100 Pump – Bare shaft 20l/s – 20m head.

PRICE: $895 + gst

rovatti10inchVeldonas 6″ – 10″ PTO transfer pumps


Z620 sthn cross 50x32-200 Veldonas 2Hp SH Diesel Power Pack & new SC 50×32-200 Pump – 7LS 40M HEAD . OTHER SIZE PUMPS AVAILABLE.

PRICE: $5365 + gst

DEK F400 and 65x50-160 (2)Air cooled 8hp diesel Power Pack direct coupled to a SC 65×50-160 Centrifugal Pump.

PRICE: $3890 + gst

Veldonas  - Perkins SC Pump Silenced Unit 001Silenced Diesel Pressure Pump Sets – Various sizes.


Veldonas - 2014