Mining Pumps

Copy (2) of I Phone Photos 029 6″ – 8″ Self Priming

Pump Set with Standpipe

Perkins Diesel pump set Fuel tank base and

Self Priming Pump Set with 4m standpipe.

PRICE: From $19,600 +gst

Truck Mounted 6 to 12 Inch Self priming Pumps   6″ – 12″ Self Priming

Diesel Pump sets – Truck


Self Priming Trash pumps with fuel tank bases

Truck Mounted. SH or New Trucks

PRICE: From $55,000 + gst

10 Inch Self priming Pump Set         6″-12″ Self Priming

 Diesel Trash Pumps

Perkins Diesel 6″ – 12″ Self Priming Trash

Pumps – up to 45m head with fuel tank base.

PRICE: From $17,800 + gst

Copy (3) of Isuzu 6bb1 150x125-315LH Nissan FD6T Direct Coupled

SC 150×125-315  Pump Set


Fiitted with fuel tank base – 120l/s 100psi.

PRICE: $14,200 + gst

Copy (2) of Perkins 1006T 125x100-500 1 Perkins 1006 Direct Coupled

SC 125×100-500 Trailer Pump.

Includes fuel tank, shutdown timer.

PRICE: $19950 + gst

Dewatering Trailer pump sets – POA Various SizesCopy (2) of I Phone Photos 067

36 Inch Mining Pump Photo 1 Dewatering Diesel & Electric

 Self Priming Pump sets

 From 4″ to 12″ – Includes Fuel tank,

  E stop, wdog. Perkins Diesel.

PRICE: From $14,200 + gst

Copy (2) of Pontoon pump set - 55kw Pontoon Pumps – Various Sizes.


Dewatering Pumps – Sykes & Other ModelsZZZ Sykes Pumps


Mud Slurry pumps – High head units.

PRICE: $POAA Veldonas Helical Rotor Pump Small

3ae1 and 125x100-200Veldonas High Pressure Diesel Pump Sets – Various sizes.


Mixed Flow Pump 12Veldonas High Volume Diesel Transfer Pumps.


Veldonas Mixed Flow Pumps – Truck mounted 6″- 30″ Diesel Driven

Truck Mounted 12 Transfer Pump Set


nissan rd8 and 10 inch (small)Veldonas Split Case Pumps – High Pressure & Volume – Varied sizes


Copy (2) of I Phone Photos 134Mine Firefighting Pump sets.


Southern Cross 100x65-315 Pump SetVeldonas High Pressure Pump sets with overhead lifting arms.


Veldonas  - Perkins SC Pump Silenced Unit 001Veldonas Noise Critical Diesel Pump sets.


Copy (2) of I Phone Photos 025Veldonas Dewatering Pump Standpipe Units


Copy (4) of HIGHPRESSUREPONTOONVeldonas Diesel/Electric Pontoon Pit Pumps.


StarlineVeldonas Single phase & 3 Phase pump sets.


Copy (2) of Grundfos AVeldonas Electric Pump Units.


Copy (2) of Multistage pumpVeldonas Multi Stage Pumps – Diesel & Electric



Irrigation HoseVeldonas Suction & Discharge Fittings.


Irrigation Fittings And HosesVeldonas Pump Fittings



Veldonas - 2014